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Natural Resources Conservation Board

Competition #: 821
Ministry : Environment and Protected Areas
Opening Date : 2024/05/31
closing Date : 2024/06/19
Role : Chair and one Acting Board Member

It is recognized in Alberta as a fundamental principle and as a matter of public policy that all persons are equal. Diversity and inclusion are valued and supported on the boards of Alberta's public agencies

Role Required

The Minister of Environment and Protected Areas is seeking applications from individuals interested in serving as either a Board Chair or an Acting Board Member of the Natural Resources Conservation Board (NRCB). The Chair position is a part-time member and is designated as Chair. There is one (1) Chair vacancy and one (1) Acting Board Member vacancy.

The corporate office is located in Edmonton and there are four regional offices. The Chair position is based in Edmonton, although Calgary may be possible.
About the Agency

The NRCB was established in 1991 under the Natural Resources Conservation Board Act (NRCBA) to conduct impartial, arms-length, quasi-judicial reviews of proposed major non-energy natural resource projects in Alberta. In 2002, the NRCB was appointed the delegated authority for the delivery of the Agricultural Operation Practices Act (AOPA). The Chair and Board Members are responsible for Board governance, reviews under the NRCBA, and appeals under AOPA.

The NRCB’s operational divisions are led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and include regulatory responsibility for AOPA, Corporate Services, and Science & Technology staff. NRCB operations staff also provide scientific and technical support to the Board for its review of NRCBA projects.

With offices in Edmonton, Airdrie, Morinville, Red Deer and Lethbridge, the NRCB delivers its mandate with a total complement of 40 positions that include the Chair, two part-time Board Members and four Acting Members. The Lieutenant Governor in Council appoints the members to the Board and nominates Acting Members whom the Chair can then appoint to panels.

The NRCB reports to the Minister of Environment and Protected Areas (EPA) and is funded by with a $6.1M annual grant from EPA. The NRCB also collaborates and maintains close contact with the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation (AI) for its delivery of AOPA.


As a quasi-judicial and regulatory agency, the NRCB makes impartial and knowledge-based decisions across two distinct mandates:

  • Under the NRCBA, the NRCB decides if natural resource projects are in the public interest, considering social, environmental and economic effects.
  • Under the AOPA, the NRCB fulfills applications and compliance responsibilities, administers and advances policies, and conducts Board reviews for confined feeding operations.


To be a respected decision-maker, exemplifying integrity and foresight in the best interests of Alberta.


In achieving our mission, we honour the NRCB's core values of integrity, fairness, respect, excellence and service.

Role Description

The Chair position is a part-time member (80 per cent, four days/week) and is designated as Chair.

Chair responsibilities include:

  • Leading the Board in providing corporate governance and leading the overall performance of the Agency in delivering its mandate and purpose.
  • Conducting fair and impartial mediation, preliminary meetings, hearings and appeals, in accordance with relevant legislation, principles of natural justice, procedural fairness and other associated legal principles.
  • Leading a highly functioning tribunal that demonstrates strengths in the areas of its jurisdiction, adjudication processes and administrative law.
  • Overseeing the day-to-day conduct of reviews and appeals and providing leadership to Board Members, and to staff who provide support on matters before the Board.
  • Approving and managing the budget of the Board itself.
  • Assigning Board Members to panels, providing training and evaluating performance.
  • Providing corporate governance for the Natural Resources Conservation Board.
  • Maintaining a strong and cooperative working relationship with the CEO.
  • Participating in the formulation of policy and procedures related to the appeal process under the AOPA and the review process under the NRCBA.
  • Participating in the review and evaluation of legislation with a view to making recommendations for amendments to meet current conditions and circumstances.
  • Building and maintaining constructive relationships with a broad group of internal and external stakeholders including private sector organizations, ministries, municipalities, public health authorities and other government agencies.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the performance of the CEO in consultation with the Deputy Ministers of EPA and AI.
  • Managing Board staff.
  • Performing public relations functions including speaking to municipal, environmental and industry groups; participating in awareness and educational functions; and attending provincial and national conferences and seminars.

Acting Board Members are accountable to the Chair of the NRCB and participate on review panels under either the NRCBA or AOPA at the call of the Chair.

Acting Board Member responsibilities include:

  • Conducting fair and impartial mediation, preliminary meetings, hearings and appeals, in accordance with relevant legislation, principles of natural justice, procedural fairness and other associated legal principles.
  • Participating on panels in a highly functioning tribunal that demonstrates strengths in the areas of its jurisdiction, adjudication processes and administrative law.

Issues and challenges for the Chair and Acting Board Member include:

  • Ensuring all reviews, appeals and decisions are impartial, understandable, based on specific case facts and consistent in application of the legislation.
  • Balancing the competing interests of industry, environmental groups, the public, and municipal, federal and provincial governments.
  • Maintaining a commonsense approach to complex scientific and legal issues.

While the NRCBA allows for five-year terms, the typical term for appointment for the Chair or an Acting Board Member is two or three years.

Skills and Experience Required

The ideal Board Chair and Acting Board Member will have:

  • Senior management experience and practical knowledge in the areas of agriculture and natural resource development. Knowledge recognized at a professional level in one or more of the following areas is desired: natural sciences, engineering, resource economics, law, or social sciences.
  • Sound understanding of Alberta’s environmental regulatory system and the issues facing natural resources with working knowledge of related legislation.
  • Understanding of administrative law or hearing processes, including knowledge of principles of natural justice and the operation of quasi-judicial boards and hearings, with the ability to chair hearings.
  • The ability to act in an open minded, fair and unbiased manner, with sensitivity to current issues.
  • A recognized, proven ability to analyze, mediate, and recommend sound, consistent decisions based on complex problems and varying points of view.
  • Strong interpersonal, collaborative, decision-making abilities and well-developed verbal, listening and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated problem solving skills to respond to contentious, controversial issues within highly political environments.
  • Sound knowledge of management practices and team building techniques.
  • Experience in roles involving boards, committees and governance, and policy and legislation development would be an asset.
  • Related post-secondary education, preferably at the graduate degree level.

In addition, the Board Chair should also possess significant leadership and board governance experience, combined with excellent strategic thinking and planning skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and display a commitment to continuous learning and to the success of the NRCB.

The Government of Alberta is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion on Alberta’s agencies, boards, and commissions. Qualified individuals from all backgrounds, who embody a wide range of knowledge, skills, and expertise, are encouraged to apply.

Remuneration and Time Commitment

Board Chair

The expected demands of the Chair role will require an 80 per cent work week. The Chair will be remunerated pursuant to the Public Sector Employers Act (PSEA). While a new compensation framework is being developed, the NRCB Chair must continue to adhere to the limits and conditions set out in: MO 49-2023 which offers an annual salary in the range between $147,492 and $199,548.

The Chair position is based in Edmonton, although a Calgary location may be possible.

Board meetings are typically scheduled every two weeks. Public hearings are held either virtually or in person. In-person hearings are held near the site of the proposed project, and in these cases, travel is required.

Acting Board Member

Acting Board Members are compensated in accordance with Schedule 1, Part A of the Committee Remuneration Order (OC 466/2007). Acting Board Members only receive compensation for time spent on hearings.

Public hearings are held either virtually or in person. In-person hearings are held near the site of the proposed project and in these cases travel is required. The Acting Board Member roster is necessary because hearings come up on short notice, and panels are appointed depending on availability. Acting Board Members are eligible for reimbursement of travel costs incurred while away from their place of residence on Board business.

Position Profile
Additional Documentation

This ad will close on June 14, 2024 or until suitable candidate found.

The posting may be used to fill current and future public agency vacancies.

In addition to your cover letter and resume, we require a biography. Click HERE to download the biography form.

Please indicate in your application/cover letter which role you are interested in and highlight any relevant skills and experience for that role.

Contact Information

Executive Search, Alberta Public Service Commission.

Phone: 780-408-8460


How To Apply

Carefully read the Recruitment Posting and the Position Profile to ensure this is an appropriate opportunity for you. Applicants are advised to provide information that clearly and concisely demonstrates how their qualifications meet the advertised requirements.

Online applications are preferred. To apply, click on the 'apply' button, create or sign into your account in the ePAAS system; upload your resume, view the listing under Current Opportunities and click on 'submit application'. The uploaded resume will be automatically attached.

Provide a short 4 line biography using the Biography template found under additional documents section. Your biography should include your name, current work experience, board/committee experience and relevant education. Please note that biographies may be edited for length and clarity.

Once your biography and other required form(s) are completed, save it to your PC. When you hit 'submit application', you will be prompted to upload additional documents. Drag and drop (or upload) your completed cover letter, biography and other form(s) into the 'Drop files below or click to upload' section before clicking the 'apply' button.

If you are unable to apply online, please submit a cover letter and resume, quoting the recruitment posting competition number, to the contact provided on the posting. We thank all applicants for their interest. All applications will be reviewed to assess which candidates' qualifications most closely match the agency's requirements. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted to advance to the next step in the appointment process. You can check the status of each competition on-line at

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