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Competition #: 817
Ministry : Health
Opening Date : 2024/05/10
closing Date : 2024/08/31
Role : Public Member and Chair, Indigenous Advisory Council

It is recognized in Alberta as a fundamental principle and as a matter of public policy that all persons are equal. Diversity and inclusion are valued and supported on the boards of Alberta's public agencies

Role Required

The Indigenous Advisory Council will have a provincial scope and provide advice on priorities and ways to improve health care for Indigenous peoples. Council members will provide current knowledge, critical thinking, and analysis to advise the Government of Alberta on important health care priorities – including clinical service planning, capital planning, and workforce planning. Public members will be appointed over two stages in spring 2024 and between fall and the end of 2024.

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Indigenous council members will represent a wide range of geographic locations and diverse experiences.
About the Agency

It is anticipated the Indigenous Advisory Council will have up to 22 members including a council chair. Indigenous Advisory Council members may also be cross appointed to a Regional Advisory Council based on the region where they reside.

The council will represent Indigenous community perspectives, bring forward local priorities and give input on how to improve the health care system. Objectives of the Indigenous Advisory Council are to:

  • Bring Indigenous perspectives to directly advise government and the new primary care, acute care, continuing care, and mental health and addiction organizations on clinical service planning, capital planning and workforce planning.
  • Bring the voice of the community, and amplify local health needs, clinical service access issues, and cultural requirements.
  • Inform practices and protocols associated with culturally appropriate program and service delivery
  • Explore opportunities to integrate traditional Indigenous practices and teachings.
  • Provide advice on goals and measurable outcomes to ensure the programs and services support Indigenous peoples to meet health and wellness needs.
  • Identify Indigenous partnerships and service providers to support continuity of care between acute care, primary care, continuing care, mental health and addictions, and community care.
Role Description

Indigenous Advisory Council members also bring wisdom and knowledge of Indigenous patient and family experiences with health care, community health needs, gaps, and program requirements. Indigenous council members will also bring wisdom of key health priorities impacting First Nations, Métis, and Inuit patients, including:

  • Improving health equity for Indigenous peoples in Alberta.
  • Addressing Indigenous-specific racism in health care.
  • Building a culturally safe primary health care, Indigenous health care workforce, and Indigenous ownership, stewardship, design and delivery of health care services.
  • Appreciation and understanding of the importance of approaching healing through a trauma informed lens, and the need for inclusion of traditional medicine and healing.

Council members will play a critical role in building long-term and meaningful relationships, fostering mutual understanding, and demonstrating commitment to aligning health care provision with the evolving needs of Indigenous peoples across the province.

Public members are required to:

  • Be able to take an active role and engage with their community.
  • Prepare for, attend, and participate in council meetings.
  • Provide input to the Ministry of Health on issues affecting the community.
Skills and Experience Required

Indigenous council members will represent a wide range of geographic locations and diverse experiences. This includes Indigenous peoples receiving health care services as well as Indigenous health care workers, and community leaders.

Relevant skills and experience may include:

  • Knowledge of community health needs and gaps in care.
  • Knowledge of traditional medicines, cultural practices, and ceremonies.
  • Understand practices and protocols associated with culturally appropriate programs and service design and delivery.
  • Understand issues impacting rural and remote Indigenous communities and resources required to improve access to care.
  • Strong communication skills.

The Alberta Government is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion on Alberta’s agencies, boards, and commissions. Qualified individuals from all backgrounds, who embody a wide range of knowledge, skills, and expertise, are encouraged to apply.

Remuneration and Time Commitment

The term of office for a member shall be determined upon appointment. Members will be appointed for up to three (3) years.

The council shall meet four (4) to six (6) times in a year or as otherwise required by the chair. Meetings may be conducted either in person or virtually, including teleconference. There may be other expectations outside of council meetings, such as taking part in community engagements, preparing for meetings, and developing proposals.

Members are not paid for time spent on a council. Council members may only receive payment of or reimbursement for travelling, living or other expenses incurred while away from their ordinary places of residence and while in the course of their duties as members, in accordance with the Public Service Relocation and Employment Expenses Regulation and the Government of Alberta Travel, Meals and Hospitality Expense Policy.

Position Profile
Additional Documentation
Contact Information

Contact Name: Chris Bourdeau, Executive Director, Advisory Councils Secretariat

Phone: 780-644-0878


How To Apply

Carefully read the Recruitment Posting and the Position Profile to ensure this is an appropriate opportunity for you. Applicants are advised to provide information that clearly and concisely demonstrates how their qualifications meet the advertised requirements.

Online applications are preferred. To apply, click on the 'apply' button, create or sign into your account in the ePAAS system; upload your resume, view the listing under Current Opportunities and click on 'submit application'. The uploaded resume will be automatically attached.

Provide a short 4 line biography using the Biography template found under additional documents section. Your biography should include your name, current work experience, board/committee experience and relevant education. Please note that biographies may be edited for length and clarity.

Once your biography and other required form(s) are completed, save it to your PC. When you hit 'submit application', you will be prompted to upload additional documents. Drag and drop (or upload) your completed cover letter, biography and other form(s) into the 'Drop files below or click to upload' section before clicking the 'apply' button.

If you are unable to apply online, please submit a cover letter and resume, quoting the recruitment posting competition number, to the contact provided on the posting. We thank all applicants for their interest. All applications will be reviewed to assess which candidates' qualifications most closely match the agency's requirements. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted to advance to the next step in the appointment process. You can check the status of each competition on-line at

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Please Note: Successful applicants will have the following information about them made publicly available on the Public Agency Secretariat Website: name, biography, public agency, and position title.

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