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_Generic Recruitment Posting (HEALTH)

Competition #: 807
Ministry : Health
Opening Date : 2024/02/08
closing Date : 2024/06/30
Role : Public Members, Health Professions College Councils

It is recognized in Alberta as a fundamental principle and as a matter of public policy that all persons are equal. Diversity and inclusion are valued and supported on the boards of Alberta's public agencies

Role Required

Public member positions will become available starting in 2024 for the health professions college councils. The recruitment will be left open until all available positions are filled.

The college councils have different meeting formats, frequencies, durations, and locations. Meetings are held primarily in person in the Calgary and Edmonton areas or or virtually.
About the Agency

There are 29 health profession colleges in Alberta. Health professions regulatory colleges are responsible for governing its registered members in a manner that protects and serves the public interest.

  • Alberta College of Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologists
  • Alberta College of Dental Hygienists
  • Alberta College of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technologists
  • Alberta College of Occupational Therapists
  • Alberta College of Optometrists
  • Alberta College of Paramedics
  • Alberta College of Pharmacy
  • Alberta College of Social Workers
  • Alberta College of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
  • College of Acupuncturists of Alberta
  • College of Alberta Dental Assistants
  • College of Alberta Denturists
  • College of Alberta Psychologists
  • College of Chiropractors of Alberta
  • College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta
  • College of Dental Technologists of Alberta
  • College of Dietitians of Alberta
  • College of Hearing Aid Practitioners of Alberta
  • College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta
  • College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Alberta
  • College of Midwives of Alberta
  • College of Naturopathic Doctors of Alberta / Regulation
  • College of Opticians of Alberta
  • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta
  • College of Physiotherapists of Alberta
  • College of Podiatric Physicians of Alberta
  • College of Registered Nurses of Alberta
  • College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Alberta
  • College of Respiratory Therapists of Alberta

The council of the college manages and conducts the activities and carries out the duties of the college and exercises the rights, powers and privileges of the college. Responsibilities include:

  • establishing entry requirements and continuing competency requirements for members of the profession;
  • establishing, maintaining and enforcing standards of practice and codes of ethics for members of the profession; and hearing appeals of disciplinary decisions made by the college hearing tribunals. Section 12(1) of the Health Professions Act (HPA) requires that 50% of the voting members of a college council must be public members. The remaining members of the council are registered members of the profession.

More information on the role of colleges and councils can be found here:

Role Description

Public members appointed to a college council, are a key accountability mechanism that the Government of Alberta uses to ensure health professions are governed in the public interest. They help to balance the interests of registered members with those of the general public to help the council:

  • govern the college, providing appropriate guidance to college or staff;
  • formulate policies in accordance with governing legislation to make responsible decisions;
  • act fairly in the public interest;
  • adhere to statutory requirements; and
  • develop professional standards.

Public members are required to:

  • bring an independent and objective perspective external to that of registered members of the regulated health profession to ensure views of average health system users, third parties and the general public are considered in decisions made by the council;
  • prepare for, attend, and participate in meetings of the council;
  • participate as a fully voting member in decisions made by the council; and
  • provide reports or messages in the college Annual Report
Skills and Experience Required

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

The Minister and the colleges are looking for public members who:

  • demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of the responsibility and accountability that a college has to govern their registered members in the public interest;
  • demonstrate an understanding of what governing in the public interest means;
  • demonstrate basic knowledge and understanding of Alberta’s health care system;
  • have well-developed analytical, problem solving, and strategic and critical thinking skills;
  • have superior, confident communication skills;
  • have the ability to cultivate respectful relationships and demonstrate integrity, impartiality, collaboration and inclusiveness;
  • have an appreciation of the need for confidentiality and sensitivity; and
  • have a willingness to honour the time commitment required of a public member.
Remuneration and Time Commitment

Public members are appointed for a term of up to three-years and may be eligible for reappointment for an additional term but may only serve a maximum of six consecutive years. A member continues to be an appointed member after the expiry of the term of the appointment until the member is reappointed, the member’s appointment is rescinded or a successor is appointed.

Terms on each council may be staggered to provide for either a two or three-year term which supports board succession and onboarding of new members.

The college councils have different meeting formats, frequencies, durations, and locations. Generally, the time commitment is estimated at 10 to 15 days per year. Meetings are held primarily in person in the Calgary and Edmonton areas, or virtually, but on occasion may require travel to other locations. Public members can expect a significant time commitment to meet the demands of this role.

Public members may receive remuneration in accordance with Schedule 1, Part B of the Committee Remuneration Order (OC 466/2007 effective April 1, 2009) for time spent attending meetings.

Current rates:

  • $115 for up to and including 4 hours in any day, or
  • $191 for over 4 hours and up to and including 8 hours in any day, or
  • $306 for over 8 hours in any day, spent on the business of the committee.

Time spent preparing for meetings and traveling to and from meetings is not currently eligible for honoraria claims. Remuneration rates and policies are subject to review.

Public members may also be reimbursed for reasonable living and traveling expenses necessarily incurred in the course of performing their duties as public members in accordance with the Public Service Relocation and Employment Expenses Regulation and the Government of Alberta’s Travel, Meal and Hospitality Expense Policy.

Position Profile
Additional Documentation

Please note: This ad will remain open until suitable candidate(s) found.

The posting may be used to fill current and future public agency vacancies.

The following person is NOT eligible to be appointed as public member:

  • a person who is a regulated member of that specific health professions regulatory college;
  • a person who represents or is normally engaged in representing a group of employees who are regulated members in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements or in any proceedings under a collective bargaining agreement with respect to regulated members or who negotiates or sets professional fees or guidelines on professional fees on or on behalf of regulated members of the college;
  • a person who is an officer or senior employee of a professional association or a labour union that represents members of a regulated health profession; and
  • a member or office of a regional health authority;
  • individuals whose appointment would result in an actual or perceived conflict of interest that cannot be managed; or
  • an employee of Alberta Health.

Candidates will be requested to submit the following documents, in addition to the cover letter and resume (links to templates provided):

Please download these forms, complete, save and upload into the additional documents section when applying.

  • Applicants are asked to indicate any previous or current appointments they may have to Government, private, or not-for-profit sector agencies, boards or committees.
  • Candidates selected for interview will be required to provide three references. These are not required at the time of application; however, will be requested should the candidate proceed further in the selection process.
  • Final candidates who are being considered for appointment will be requested to complete a criminal record check.
  • The posting may be used to fill both existing and future vacancies for public entities reporting to Alberta Health. Only individuals selected for interviews will be contacted.

If you are appointed to this position:

You must comply with the agency code of conduct as referenced in the Conflicts of Interest Act sections 23.922-23.924 throughout your appointment.

It is recognized in Alberta as a fundamental principle and as a matter of public policy that all persons are equal. Diversity and inclusion are valued and supported on the boards of Alberta’s public agencies.

Contact Information

Executive Search, Alberta Public Service Commission.

Phone: 780-408-8460


How To Apply

Carefully read the Recruitment Posting and the Position Profile to ensure this is an appropriate opportunity for you. Applicants are advised to provide information that clearly and concisely demonstrates how their qualifications meet the advertised requirements.

Online applications are preferred. To apply, click on the 'apply' button, create or sign into your account in the ePAAS system; upload your resume, view the listing under Current Opportunities and click on 'submit application'. The uploaded resume will be automatically attached.

Provide a short 4 line biography using the Biography template found under additional documents section. Your biography should include your name, current work experience, board/committee experience and relevant education. Please note that biographies may be edited for length and clarity.

Once your biography and other required form(s) are completed, save it to your PC. When you hit 'submit application', you will be prompted to upload additional documents. Drag and drop (or upload) your completed cover letter, biography and other form(s) into the 'Drop files below or click to upload' section before clicking the 'apply' button.

If you are unable to apply online, please submit a cover letter and resume, quoting the recruitment posting competition number, to the contact provided on the posting. We thank all applicants for their interest. All applications will be reviewed to assess which candidates' qualifications most closely match the agency's requirements. Only those selected for interviews will be contacted to advance to the next step in the appointment process. You can check the status of each competition on-line at

The personal information in ePAAS is collected pursuant to section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The information will be used to administer and manage recruitment for current and future public agency appointment opportunities. Questions regarding the collection, use, or disclosure of this information, may be directed to the Public Agency Secretariat, Public Service Commission, 3rd Floor, Peace Hills Trust Tower, 10011 109 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 3S8 or by calling 780-644-3060. Applicants will be required to identify any real or perceived conflicts of interest and may be required to undergo additional screening.

Please Note: Successful applicants will have the following information about them made publicly available on the Public Agency Secretariat Website: name, biography, public agency, and position title.

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