Alberta College of Occupational Therapists - Council

Bergman, Christie

Christie Bergman has been a realtor in the Edmonton region for the last 14 years. Her inherent passion of serving others has allowed her to excel in her field. Christie has been an active member of her local school council, committee member for the Realtors Association and as well as providing extensive volunteerism for a number of charitable organizations. Christie is eager to continue to serve her community and her goal is to couple her rural Alberta roots with her many years as an urban businesswoman with a balanced perspective.

Smith, Thomas

Thomas Smith is a chiropractor, in full time practice in Alberta. Thomas has more than 10 years experience in continuing competence acting as vice-chair, co-chair and chair for the ACAC Continuing Competence Committee. Thomas is a regulated member of the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors and has previously served as Deputy Registrar and Complaints Director. Thomas is a graduate of the University of Alberta and the University of Western States.

Fitzgerald, James

J. Dennis Fitzgerald is a Chartered Professional Accountant and graduated from the U of A in 1970 and was admitted to the ICAA in 1975. He has a consulting and accounting practice located in Grande Prairie, Alberta. He has been an audit manager in an international accounting firm, was treasurer at the University of Alberta and a college instructor. Mr. Fitzgerald has held a wide range of current and previous volunteer and community service positions.