Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council

Sawyer, Doug

Doug Sawyer currently runs a cow/calf and horse operation in Central Alberta and has over 30 years of experience working within the livestock industry. Doug has served on national and provincial agricultural boards and committees related to beef production, traceability, animal welfare, and the environment for over 22 years.

Bos, Henricus

Hennie Bos is a farmer, on-farm processor, and industry leader. He has filled many leadership roles in the Alberta and Canadian dairy industry as director and chairman of Alberta Milk, as well as Commissioner at the Canadian Dairy Commission. Being involved provincially and nationally in the dairy industry, combined with Bles-Wold Yogurt processing experience, Hennie knows the industry and supply management very well. Hennie holds a BSc in Dairy Science and followed several governance and business courses.

Buckley, John

John and his wife operate a cow-calf operation southwest of Cochrane and has 40 years of experience in the livestock industry. John has been very active within his community and industry and continues to be involved with a number of organizations and groups. His passion for rangelands, and specifically grasslands, fuels his desire to operate in such a way that leaves the land (environment) in a better state than when he started operating on it, giving future generations the same or better opportunities than he had.

Guelly, John

John Guelly is a third generation grain and oilseed farmer from north central Alberta. He, his wife and two children have been farming for over 30 years. John was a regional Director for Alberta Canola from 2015-2021 (Chair from 2019-2021), and has served on numerous other local, provincial, and national boards and committees in the agricultural industry. John graduated from the University of Alberta with a BSc in Agricultural Engineering and previously worked full-time in manufacturing, as well as winters consulting while operating the farm.

Robinson, Frank

Frank Robinson has a PhD from the University of Guelph and has been a University of Alberta professor for 35 years. He has worked with broiler breeder chickens in improving reproductive fitness. He has taught introductory animal science classes to over 1000 students with a focus on experiential learning. Frank has served as Vice-Provost and Dean of Students at the University of Alberta. He has fulfilled leadership roles in several agricultural and academic boards and associations. He was inducted into the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame in 2006.

Henderson, Patricia

An experienced agricultural professional with first-hand experience as a farm operator and manager, Trish has been a member of many agriculture industry organizations and is currently a director with the United Farmers of Alberta.

Novak, Susan

Dr. Novak has a wealth of experience in leading policy, programs and people. She received her PhD in Animal Science from the University of Alberta, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Laval University. Susan started her career at Agriculture and Irrigation as the Provincial Horse Specialist, and now is the Executive Director of the Animal Health and Assurance Branch. She also has a wealth of experience delivering agriculture research funding programming to support a competitive and sustainable agriculture industry in Alberta.