Mackenzie River Basin Board

Hussey, Morna

Morna Hussey is the Director, Watershed Resilience & Transboundary Waters who works with communities on flood and drought resilience and with neigboring jurisdictions to equitably manage transboundary water agreements.

Morna holds a BSc in Environmental Management from Royal Roads University and has ~30 years of delivering provincial and federal programs through departmental, cross-ministry and national committees. She has experience in bi-lateral agreements related to flood forecasting, water supply and water management decisions.

Armstrong, Alden

Alden Armstrong has 39 years of experience with Aboriginal Governments. Most recently Alden was elected as the chairman of the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement. He has been on the board of directors

for Northern Alberta Development Council, the Alberta Professional Outfitters Society, and Manning Diversified Forest Products. Alden has worked closely with Alberta government ministries in policy development

and has been involved in key projects such as the Metis Settlements Long Term Arrangement, Fox Lake Community School, Garden River Road, Wentzel Bridge Project, Paddle Prairie Recreation Complex and Housing Program. Alden has been elected five times to the Paddle Prairie Council, is serving a fourth term as Chairman and spent one term as Vice-Chairman. He was also elected President of the Metis Settlements General Council for one term. Because of his election to office, he was able to provide the northern perspective to Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy and ensured that the north was served while he was director on the Rural Alberta Development Fund. His community service has been recognized in 2022 with the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Medal and 2005 with an Alberta Centennial Medal. Alden served for two terms on the Mackenzie River Basin Board between 1998 and 2006. Alden is a lifelong hunter and registered trapper, as well as a traditional knowledge keeper.