Family Violence Death Review Committee

Grauwiler, David


As the Executive Project Specialist with Bissell Centre, Mr. Grauwiler oversee and support project teams and the C suite in work and projects.  He has extensive experience with the not-for-profit sector working in community development and service roles with victims of family violence, vulnerable sectors of society, and in mental health promotion. 

Steinhauer, Sharon

Sharon Steinhauer is an active social worker and Social Work Programs instructor at University nuhelot’ine thaiyots’i nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills (St. Paul) and Yellowhead Tribal College (Edmonton). Sharon is committed to practices that facilitate child well-being, engaging communities in prevention and social action, and the promotion of restorative justice to address conflict in families and communities, particularly on issues related to family violence.

Thunder, Arlene

Ms. Thunder is a member of the Driftpile Cree Nation, where she currently works as a Child and Family Services Project Lead. She supports her Nation to exercise its inherent right to assume jurisdiction over child and family services for all registered Driftpile Cree Nation members. For the past 25 years, Ms. Thunder has worked towards enhancing social policies to improve outcomes for First Nation children and families in senior positions with First Nations, Delegated First Nations Agencies, the Government of Alberta and Indigenous Services Canada.

Wagner, Nadine

Acting Superintendent Wagner's career with the Calgary Police Service has spanned over 20 years, with the last four years spent in senior leadership positions. Acting Superintendent Wagner is active in anti-violence advocacy and education and is a presenter and CPS spokesperson on gender-based violence, victim-centric and trauma informed approaches with families, risk management, and the intersection of services between CPS and community service providers. 

Johnson-Green, Joy

Ms. Johnson-Green is marinated in the field of family and interpersonal violence prevention and intervention. With over 35 years of experience, she has worked both as a front-line worker as well as an executive leader to emergency and second stage shelters. Ms. Johnson-Green has extensive experience in program and organizational development and is a fierce advocate for children who have experienced violence and abuse. Ms. Johnson-Green led the development of the first licensed and accredited childcare centre in Canada intended to meet the unique needs of children who have experienced family violence and other forms of emotional trauma.

Steinhauer, Dale

Mr. Steinhauer has 12 years experience working for the Whitefish Lake Band 128 in positions ranging from board member to health director. For over seven years, Dale has been in a policy advisory role with Tribal Chief Ventures Inc., where he liaises with varying levels of government to assist in achieving better health outcomes as identified by member First Nations.

Weber, Jenna

Ms. Weber is an enterprising Métis professional and results-driven advocate. With over ten-years of combined experience in research, pedagogical development, innovative education and justice for Indigenous peoples, she currently serves multiple First Nations that are asserting their inherent right to jurisdiction over child and family services for their citizens. She has worked in several capacities to prevent and address family violence at various system levels, including frontline work, project management, training, and policy development.

Elter, Maxine

Ms. Elter holds a Bachelor of Education and brings extensive experience with education, the not-for-profit sector, and justice specializing in offender management and advocacy and supporting women and families fleeing family violence. She is currently a Community Program Manager for the Sagitawa Friendship Society in Peace River, and previously held varying roles with the Peace River Women’s Shelter and RCMP. Maxine is a proud Métis Grandmother who is viewed as a Knowledge keeper and Oscapious (Elder’s Helper) by her community.

Armstrong, Sean

Inspector Armstrong has extensive experience in policing with the Edmonton Police Service. He currently manages the operation of the Domestic Offender Crimes Section, the Sexual Assault Section and the Child Protection Section. Inspector Armstrong also participates as the Edmonton Police Service representative on community boards and agencies that focus on domestic violence, child abuse and sexual violence and is a contributor to the National Framework for Collaborative Police Action on Intimate Partner Violence, a Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Initiative.