Marketing of Agricultural Products Act Appeal Tribunal

Broere, Pieter

Mr. Broere has a supply management background and was an owner/operator of a dairy farm for over 20 years. Mr. Broere has knowledge of all aspects of dairy farming including herd management, animal health, equipment use and maintenance, record keeping and sales of end products.

Girard, Ben

Ben Girard is a Regional Grain Leader with a global agricultural company. He has extensive experience in the financial and commodity industries, and drives strategic planning related to Alberta grain and oilseed production for both domestic and international markets. Ben has spoken at numerous agricultural events across western Canada and Ontario related to risk management, technical analysis, and commodity marketing strategy. He is a Derivatives Market Specialist, Chartered Investment Manager, and a Fellow of The Canadian Securities Institute.

Dziwenka, Margitta

Dr. Margitta Dziwenka is a Registered Veterinarian and a Board-Certified Toxicologist. She is the Director of Preclinical and Companion Animal Services at Nutrasource Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Services. Dr. Dziwenka has served on various committees with the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA). She also served five years on ABVMA Council which included a term as President. Dr. Dziwenka is currently on the Hearing Tribunal for the ABVMA as well as the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act Appeal Tribunal.

Ilochonwu, Kene

Mr. Ilochonwu is a lawyer with Woodfiber LNG, where his primary focus is strategic business initiatives and commercial agreements. Kene currently sits on the Board of the Law Society of Alberta and the Airdrie Subdivision and Appeal Board. Kene received the King's Counsel designation, the QEII Platinum Medal, and the 2023 Alberta Newcomer Recognition Award. Kene holds a Master's degree in law from the University of Strathclyde .

Andres, Gerd

Mr. Andres grew up on a dairy farm in British Columbia, and in 1976 he moved to Alberta to attend the University of Alberta where he earned a Master of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics. Gerd has spent a lifetime of enjoyment working in agriculture, in particular, supply management. Gerd’s appeal experience includes experience as a Member of the City of Wetaskiwin and Leduc County Tax Assessment Review Board and Sub Development Appeal Board. Gerd also has experience representing and working on board executive positions, board trusteeship, provincial and national dairy committees, federal/provincial and cross-ministry initiatives, and projects.

Therrien, Normand

Mr. Therrien is a Professional Agrologist experienced in working with primary producers and ag value initiatives throughout Western Canada. Normand is a creative and innovative business analyst with excellent communication, organization, sales, analytical and interpersonal skills. Normand possesses a high level of resilience and adaptability to change and believes in being a team player that brings initiative and enthusiasm to the workplace, coupled with humour and wit. Normand is also fluently bilingual in French and English, with advanced computer literacy.

Toma, Ward

Mr. Toma is a Professional Agrologist who has worked with farm organizations in Alberta for over 35 years. Ward has a wide breath of experience and training in board governance and organization management and is a member of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists. Ward acquired a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Alberta and continues to take an interest in the family farm in northeastern Alberta.